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SFER IK Museion in Tulum wins LCD Berlin Award for New Culture Destination of the Year - Latin America

BERLIN.- SFER IK Museion has won the ​LCD Berlin Award for ​New Culture Destinations of the Year in the ‘Latin America’ category, fending off impressive competition from Museum of Image and Sound (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and Museo Regional Aysen (Patagonia, Chile).    

Now in their sixth edition, the LCD Awards highlight the world’s best established and emerging cultural destinations, recognising their exceptional contribution to cultural life. The New Culture Destinations of the Year awards ​highlight the significant role of culture in changing the perception of towns and cities and influencing their future development.  

Founded by Eduardo Neira ​“Roth” in 2018, SFER IK Museion is a transdisciplinary creative sphere comprising exhibitions of some of the world’s finest visual artists, cutting-edge artisanal workshops linking ancestral practices with avant-garde techniques and visionary design, as well as innovative artist residencies which culminate in new ways of experiencing and creating art. Since its inception SFER IK has staged numerous acclaimed exhibitions and innovative events including renowned artists such as Cecilia Bengolea, Ernesto Neto and Gabriel Rico.

Through dedicated workshops and educational programming SFER IK has moreover continuously enabled the local communities to access the creative realm. SFER IK's founder Roth encourages the preservation of local culture and the recovery of insights and values from ancestral wisdom to promote different forms of interaction with - and protection of the natural environment. This endeavor converges with the concern of exploring, through art, a reflection on human essence and the connection with our planet.    

Claudia Paetzold, curator and artistic director of SFER IK, said: “​The increasing desire for experiential content paired with the intrinsic properties of Roth’s architecture - which invites us to envision spaces as interfaces - lead us to open this new sphere for immersion, connection and exploration. We are thrilled that this endeavor is today recognised with the LCD Berlin Award for the Best New Cultural Destinations of the Year in the Latin America category”  

The winners of the LCD Berlin Awards 2020 were selected by a distinguished international jury comprised of ​Matthew Anderson​, European culture editor for ​The New York Times; Helena Egan​, tourism and place-making specialist; ​Dr. Martin Heller​, cultural advocate and arts patron; ​Oliver Jahn​, editor-in-chief, ​AD Architectural Digest; ​Meryanne Loum-Martin​, founder of AFRƎEculture.org; ​Dr. Thierry Morel​, director, curator-at-large and board member of the Hermitage Foundation; artist Ahmet Ogut; and Salma Tuqan, deputy director of the Delfina Foundation.  

In a joint statement, the jury noted:​“The 2020 LCD Berlin Awards shine a light on culture, art and travel, showcasing unique cultural experiences around the world. From local to global perspectives, the winners of the 2020 awards offer new and exciting opportunities to explore our relationship with public spaces, tradition, and identity. Over the years, the LCD Awards have offered a unique platform for the winners to showcase their cultural assets and reach global travellers wishing to immerse themselves in arts and culture. These winning destinations and institutions showcase just how deep the symbiosis between art, culture and travel is.”