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SFER IK is a multidisciplinary space that seeks a dialogue between nature and humanity. Its architecture is in consonance with the environment, generating spaces with organic forms and curves that facilitate the flow of energy and voice.

The museion invites every visitor to reflection, experimentation and the constant exchange of knowledge.

We have welcomed artists that come from all around the world to look for inspiration while sharing a vision towards communicating with nature, ancestrality, and art. SFER IK has received masters of many fields that led conversations and created atmospheres of communication where they shared their expertise and have been a source of motivation for the community. Some of them are: Julia Rometti and Victor Costales, Maurizio Montalti, Henrique Oliveira, Héctor Zamora, Tomás Saraceno, André Abujamra, Alberto Landgraf and Helena Rizzo.

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