SEPT 2018 - APRIL 2019

After the success of its inaugural exhibition Alignments, an invitation to explore invisible spatial coordinates as a gateway into the metaphysical realm, SFER IK's second exhibition, Configurations, shifts the focus from the human nascence in celestial constellations to the emergence of earthly creations. The exhibition features works by Katinka Bock, Guillaume Leblon and Gabriel Rico, staging poetic emanations mysteriously arising from the ground, subtle aerial systems of balance and the passage of time as reflected in spatial occurrences.

Franco-German artist Katinka Bock’s oeuvre embodies a constant flow of alchemical transformation, while simultaneously conveying a sense of an immutable elemental order and balance. As the water in the archaic ceramic recipient evaporates, the meteor like stone of Lion Balance North gradually descends towards the earth. Junimond, a ceramic sculpture formed from a gesture to embrace the moon, Farben dieses Meeres, Hut, a fossilized hat, and Mot (suspendu), a cone like suspended ceramic held by a dark blue nylon strap, translating an ineffable relatedness, punctuate the space and invite to imagine a narrative which culminates in the questionable presence of two bronze cast fish seemingly washed ashore.

New York City based artist Guillaume Leblon conjures up an imaginary stage of seamless transitions from the real to the surreal. The free standing windows open up onto multiple spaces from where to contemplate the exhibition, drawing the viewer into a scenography of wondrousness. Symbol of the origin of life, seemingly floating as in Cuatro Peces Siguiendo, or fossilized as in Fishes in the Vase, the presence of fish in Leblon’s oeuvre raises the question of the spatial progression of existence and anchoring. At last, Leblon’s Portrait communicates the knowing presence of an invisible omniscient entity able to sense the pulse of the creatures dwelling inside of SFER IK’s curved meandering space.

Gabriel Rico, currently based in Guadalajara, introduces yet another vantage point to the exhibition’s narrative. The artist’s acute awareness of the human condition is reflected in works resembling post-apocalyptic ruins, while the beams of light herald a new story line. The wall-based sculpture Homme II, composed of volcanic stone, mezquite wood, gold leaf and neon, appears like an alchemistic recipe for the creation of a new humanity, while the standing pieces II and III from Teorema de la Incompletitud mend the inevitable breakage point through a circle of light.




Tatiana Trouvé, Artur Lescher and Margo Trushina explores the human journey through both physical and metaphysical realms. Redefining the spatial and conceptual parameters of the art experience, the organic shapes and meandering expanses of SFER IK’s unique exhibition spaces immerse the visitor in a meditative state, serving as a gateway to discovery and connectedness.

Artur Lescher reveals an invisible spatial structure through the verticality of his suspended sculptures. In this redesigned space the visitor’s perception of matter is questioned by seemingly fluid floor based marble and basalt pieces unveiling infinity.

The relativity of perception is revealed in Margo Trushina’s works. The apparent solidity of rocks is transcended by undulating polished metal shapes projecting matter into movement, while the flickering neon dissolves the illusion of permanence of the bright white human outline.

A 12 meter high adjacent dome built according to ancient principles of sacred geometry is reached through a passageway across a natural water flow. It houses Tatiana Trouve’s 250 Points Towards Infinity, 250 pendulums descending from the heights of the dome in diagonal lines pointing towards an intricate constellation on the ground as if directed by invisible hands.

While dialoguing with the uneven floor and meanders of the first space the artworks operate as poetic gestures orchestrating an explorative journey, the installation in the dome becomes an invitation to meditate in the presence of a metaphoric union of heaven and earth.